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I am sick to death of hearing people criticise feminism, it is ridiculous and many of the reasons given for these criticisms are sexist in themselves. One of the most popular reasons I have been hearing of late is that feminism discriminates against men. This is wrong, period. Feminists believe that women should have equal rights. The same rights as men. If you want to change it and pretend that it means something else then I have to really question your purpose in doing so. Apparently one of the top reasons that people profess to hate feminism and feminists is that feminists hate men. This is a lie. Feminists do not hate men, if we hated men why would we want them to have rights equal to ours?

Then of course I have heard the stories about how what feminism really is, is defined by radical man hating women who took actions, or said things that the hater in question didn’t like. I have even heard people tell me that feminism exists for the purpose of hating men and destroying them. Any idiot with a dictionary can quickly discover that the words feminist and feminism are in the dictionary. The definitions of these words have not changed just because there are those who may have misused them for the purpose of pushing extremist or political agendas. I have heard people claim that feminism is not about equal rights but is actually about women who wish to have more rights than men. Another lie.

Are there people in the world who have said and done ridiculous things in the name of feminism? Yes there are, but like I said, anyone who is capable of using a dictionary should be able to quickly discover that any form of sexism is a distinctly non feminist act. The key word here is EQUAL. Anyone who does not support equal rights for men and women is not a feminist. You have no right to discredit an entire movement just because of a few idiots who, like you, did not use a dictionary before deciding to use the words feminist or feminism.

Consider the logic at play here, there are extremists within every single group, movement or organisation that exists throughout the entire world. Trying to void the very principles of equality just because someone misused a word and you believed them instead of finding out what it meant for yourself is ignorant to say the very least. If you were to apply this same logic to the animal rights movement then you would have to assume that all animal rights activists are vegetarians that protest outside of butcher shops or undertake other extreme activity. Many animal rights activists are very extreme and have taken extreme actions, does this mean that you hate animal rights activists?

In my opinion, the word feminism is hated because it contains the first three letters of the word female … and an organisation that stands for the rights of women clearly offends some people, without even knowing what feminism is people are offended because they assume that the mere usage of the letters FEM discriminates against males. This, once again is ridiculous logic!! Do you assume that animal rights activists discriminate against humans just because there is no reference to the fact that they don’t in the phrase “animal rights” ? Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it …. yet it is the same logic being used by haters of feminism.

Another popular criticism of feminism is that feminists do not do enough for men … well HELLO that is not their purpose. Do you hate activists that protest against the slaughter of whales because they do nothing for elephants?? When did feminism become responsible for monitoring and representing every single thing that is wrong in society?

Feminists do not discriminate against men, period. Any gender based discrimination is not feminism because it directly opposes the singular purpose of feminism which is EQUAL rights. If you need to look up the word EQUAL in the dictionary….then please do so. If you need to look up the word RIGHTS in the dictionary than please do so …. facts, you can ignore them but they don’t go away.


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Men should be offended...
I don’t know who wrote this, so I can’t thank them personally, but I can at least help spread their words.

Men should be offended when someone claims that women should prevent rape by not wearing certain things or not going certain places or not acting in a certain way. That line of thinking presumes that you are incapable of control. That you are so base and uncivilized that it takes extraordinary effort for you to walk down the street without raping someone. That you require a certain dress code be maintained, that certain behaviors be employed so that maybe today, just maybe, you won’t rape someone.

It presumes that your natural state is rapist.


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“The good done by men does not compensate for the harm done to ALL women”

miss Andrea's

I am not a feminist.  Please do not ever mistake me for one.  Feminists love men, feminists yearn for men to seek the best within themselves, for men to be free of the terribly, terribly unfair societal expectations which forces them to be that which they are not.  Feminists believe all men are human, just because men claim to be. Even when men emphasized their humanity at the point of an ancient spear or through the modern passage to manhood via 4chan, feminists can be relied upon to stand behind their boy in the hopes that he becomes a man.  Feminists think that men are merely one carefully explained gender deconstruction away from enlightenment, and if the perfect magic words are never spoken to awaken the sleeping prince, then surely she has only herself to blame. The toad is never responsible, never ever notice what’s that you say? lalala don’t make me think lalala it…

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“But in a country where a rape is reported every 21 minutes, even these most horrific of crimes soon get forgotten – except by the victims and their families.”

we hunted the mammoth

There’s one kind of person you meet again and again in the manosphere: the man who hates women, but insists that he’s not a misogynist. Some of them will even tell you that you calling them a misogynist is equivalent to a white person calling a black person the n-word. And they seem to even believe this.

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[TED Talk Notes] Isabel Allende: Tales of passion

This Woman Is Amazing.


Isabel Allende: Tales of passion

Author and activist Isabel Allende discusses women, creativity, the definition of feminism — and, of course, passion — in this talk.

  • All with a fearless and determined heart, one wins | Brave and passionate heart
  • Ask questions, bend the rules, take risks
  • “Nice people with good common sense do not make good characters, they only make good former spouses.”
  • When giving women education, the country inherits the prosperity
  • Even in Philanthropy, women are looked over: for every $1 given to women, $20 is given to men
  • We need to nurture the feminine energy in men

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Prominent Anti Feminist Sentiments … Shameful!


The advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

Prominent Anti Feminist Sentiments

I could go on and on and on, I have seen so much ridiculousness spouted by “Anti Feminists” and people claiming to be “Mens Rights Activists” This is just the tip of the ignorance iceberg! Shame, shame shame.

If Women Have A Group Then I Want One Too!!

I Don’t Know What Feminism Is, But I Don’t Like It!

Women Are Saying Stuff, Lets Make Jokes and Make Them Feel Stupid So They Stop It!

I Am Smarter Than All Women!

My Wife Left Me, I Blame Feminists!

I Can’t Get A Girlfriend, I Blame Feminists!

Men Are The Victims Of Feminists!

I Am Putting My Foot Down Right Now, Feminism Must End … Do Not Make Me Throw A Tantrum And Swear At You!

Feminists Say Things I Don’t Like, This Means They Are Wrong!

I Am Pretty and Feminism is Too Complicated!

I Love Women But They Need To Realise That They Are Useless Without A Man To Make Important Decisions and Take Care Of Them!

My Husband Says Feminism is Bad So It Must Be!

I Think Being Anti Feminist Works Well With My Political Beliefs!

Women Are Always Wrong, Luckily I Am Here To Teach Them!

It Is Feminisms Fault That I Don’t Have Custody Of My Children!

I Saw Something Ridiculous Posted By Someone Who Called Themselves A Feminist!

I Don’t Want To Pay Child Support!

I Want To Abuse Women and I Am Afraid Feminism Will Stop Me!

Feminism Is Irrelevant Unless Every Woman Is Perfect!

I Want To Control Women But They’re Just So Uppity These Days!

Women Do Things Wrong As Well!

It Is A Womans Fault If She Gets Raped, But If A Man Gets Raped That Is A Womans Fault As Well … even if there was no woman present!

A Woman Was Mean To Me Once!

Feminism Has Only Existed In My Life Since Obama Was Re-elected!

If Women Did What They Were Told We Wouldn’t Be in this Mess!

A Woman Quoted Reliable Statistics, But I Can Beat Her With My Superior Logic to Prove She Is Wrong!

I Hate Obama and Feminism and I Love My Gun!

I Did Something Wrong In The Past To A Woman, Haven’t We All? Let’s Shut this Feminist Thing Down Before It Goes Too Far!

I Am Worried That Feminism Will Make Me Divorce My Husband!

I Don’t Like The Truth Because It Says Bad Things About Men!

Feminists Hate Men!

Feminists Are Single Fat Unhappy Women … This Is Not Me, So I am not a Feminist!

I Want Men To Like Me and If I Attack Other Women That Should Work!

Women Bring Everything On Themselves!



Stop poisoning the way feminism is perceived by attaching it to political agendas and using it for the purpose of spreading propaganda. This blog says it so well!!

Public Servant for LIBERTY

Believe it or not, you can be both a libertarian and a feminist.

Yeah, I see you rolling your eyes. But the recentattacks on feminism at the blog have made me uncomfortable. To me, implying that all feminists are statists is the same as implying that all conservatives are warmongers, or all liberals are communists, or all libertarians are conspiracy theorists. In other words, you might be right when referring to a small subset of people who identify with those groups, but you’re far more likely to be wrong about most of them.

Not all feminists advocate for more state control of our lives. Not all feminists are demanding free birth control or free abortions… or free anything, really, except freedom. Freedom from the cultural expectations of what women “ought” to be.

Isn’t that libertarian? The freedom to do whatever you want, as long as you’re not…

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Males are Overwhelmingly Responsible For Rape And Sexual Assault

Before I start quoting statistics about the prevalence of rape in the world today I would like to point out that the statistics are inconsistent.  This is because the definition of what constitutes rape differs depending on the country we are referring to. Factors such as different rates of reporting and the difficulty faced by prosecutors when attempting to convict someone accused of rape also vary because laws and legal processes vary throughout the world. The inconsistencies caused by these factors mean that instances of rape are underestimated, the statistics can not ever be relied on as credible while this is the case. In order to get a real world view it is necessary to overestimate any official statistics that you read. I will not overestimate any statistics here as there is no way to appropriately calculate the best way to do this. I prefer to deal in available facts and will link to all sources. I will ask you however, to keep in mind the aforementioned facts as you read on.

You can read more about how crime statistics can be unreliable in the following places, this applies to statistics relating to all crimes and not rape specifically as many people seem to assume.

The Capital-Journal

Attrition in reported rape cases

U.S Department of Justice Findings


Rape is a male problem for one reason, almost all rapists are male. There have been cases of rape which have involved a woman being the perpetrator, but this is rare. According to a U.S Department of Justice  analysis of rape and sexual assault approximately 91% of the victims of rape and sexual assault are female and almost 99% of offenders are male. The one thing that is clear from these findings is that males are responsible for this problem the perpetrators are overwhelmingly male.

You would think that men who do not rape or sexually assault others would be outraged at the fact that women are afraid of them because of the actions of others. I’m sure that there are men who do feel that way … but the majority of men don’t seem to be saying much. The few men that I have spoken to, or read the opinions of seem to be defensive if anything. Men have made lists  in an attempt to “instruct” women on how to avoid rape, they make jokes about it, they try to create grey areas … she was drunk, she shouldn’t have been wearing that, she didn’t fight hard enough.

Really lists of self defense instructions? This is insulting and ridiculous on so many levels. First of all, in order to think that your instruction is necessary you must have already assumed that women fail to fight of their attackers because they are too stupid, weak or uneducated to know how. Secondly, why are these lists always directed at women? Men are raped by other men, why don’t I see anyone implying that this is because they didn’t defend themselves properly? I have certainly never come across any man ranting about how another man deserved to be raped because he was dressed incorrectly or drunk, have you? I’m sure these attitudes may be around but they are certainly not prevalent.

Rape is a violent and often life threatening experience. It is time for men to take a stand and talk to each other, find a way to fix this problem that is destroying your reputation and stop blaming others, inventing stories about how you don’t believe the statistics and sidelining the issue. Men face issues that women do not face … but this does not make it ok that so many men refuse to take a real stance on this issue. The main concern of many of you seems to be to discredited feminist organisations or statistics … is that what you would be doing if you were raped? It makes no sense and is is insulting to women everywhere that you think living in fear is a joke.

The bottom line is this .. we are all responsible for our own actions. Rapists are responsible for their own actions, if you choose to take a defensive stance and attack women, then you are responsible for that. You may not be able to influence the whole world but you can control your own actions and ensure that the influence you have within your own circle does not contribute to the problem.